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Boodles - British Gin London Dry (750ml)

Producer Boodles
Country United Kingdom
Style Gin
Sku 811538016001
Size 750ml

Boodles Description

The crisp, dry taste of Boodles British Gin, coupled with full-bodied strength, makes it a favorite among gin drinkers worldwide. Its smooth texture with hints of spice and fragrance adds distinctive elegance to an ordinary cocktail. Connoisseurs everywhere can identify an authentic bottle of Boodles Gin by its squared shoulders and majestic label. The spirit is so clear that its label can be read from the back and the front.

Wine Enthusiast: 89 Points

An old-school London Dry style gin recently re-introduced to the States, look for a classic juniper-pine aroma and a grapefruit-like flavor finishing with spicy hints of coriander, rosemary and black pepper. Despite that perceived flash of grapefruit, no citrus is used in the ingredients, a nod by the original creators that any proper gin drink always included the addition of a slice of lemon or lime, and to include it in the gin s recipe would be redundant.