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André - Strawberry Moscato (750ml)

Producer André
Country United States
Varietal Sparkling
Sku 085000012352
Size 750ml

André Description

Honestly, Strawberry Moscato is a personal favorite. How many other types of champagne can you pair right alongside hot wings?

Class up your next BBQ with this bubbly, and you'll be the talk of the town. When you come up with your next spicy concoction, keep Strawberry Moscato in mind as a sweet compliment.


André Strawberry Moscato is a sweet California Champagne with juicy strawberry and pomegranate aromas with a crisp peach finish. Plus, its color catches sunlight in a way that can't help remind you of early spring.

This strawberry sparkling wine is sweet, with just the right amount of acidity. Try it with some spicy chips and salsa for a fun flavor kick.